KwaZulu-Natal Clothing & Textile Cluster

The KZN CTC boosts the competitiveness of the local clothing, textile and footwear industries to ensure they can compete in the global market.

Become a member

We welcome membership enquiries from clothing, textile, footwear and leather manufacturing companies, Cut Make and Trim manufacturers (CMT) and clothing retailers with operations in KwaZulu-Natal, as well as local non-clothing manufacturing companies that can identify with and are aligned with the objectives of the KZN CTC.

Upcoming activities

The KZN Clothing and Textile Cluster facilitates workshops, training and meetings for member firms. These activities are aimed at supporting the growth and improved competitiveness of the KZN clothing, textiles, footwear and leather industry.

Visit our new information portal

The KZN CTC is excited to announce the launch of an online information portal. With this portal you will have access to all KZN CTC news, research, documentation and highlights at the click of a button.

KZN CTC slide shows and other relevant documentation from our workshops and programmes are available on the portal and can be accessed by all members, anywhere, anytime.

The portal also allows you to easily search for past documentation and ensures that you are always kept aware of any information generated by the cluster.