WCM Innovation Session - Dyefin process improvement project

5 October 2017

Dyefin Textiles has recently conducted a project to address a number of issues in the Fabric Receiving and Preparation areas of their factory.

The project had two key objectives:

  • to train an internal team on the process and methodology of process improvement
  • to improve process efficiency in terms of workflow, throughput and cost

The project derived several key benefits for the firm, such as:

  • improved space utilisation
  • increased machine efficiency
  • reduction in lost time – personnel and machines
  • improved planning
  • decreased space and personnel cost
  • improved service to the Dyehouse

This innovation session provides an opportunity to understand the methodology used and to observe the benefits derived from this project.

The programme will include:


Introduction to Dyefin Textiles


Project methodology


Project outcomes and benefits


Factory visit

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