KZN CTC Sustainability Strategy Session

26th September 2019

World Environmental Health Day is an annually celebrated event on the 26th of September, and is intrinsically tied to Sustainability. Through the Cluster, we would like to assist you through your organisations environmental sustainability journey. 

Sustainability is the balance of social, economic and environmental needs, ensuring that neither of these things take precedence over the other.

Why is Sustainability Important For Your Business? 
Although the sustainability journey takes time, resources and investment, it ensures the long term prosperity of the company. Companies which operate sustainably are essentially operating efficiently.

The step to sustainability involves an intentional and conscious analysis of business processes. By looking ahead and challenging every stage in the supply chain, we are able to create sustainability opportunities.

Join us on the 26th of September as we bridge the knowledge gaps surrounding Sustainability in the CTFL industry.

The programme will cover:






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