KZNCTC Export Training

28 January 2020 & 4 February 2020

As globalisation increases, the ability to access international markets and gain global market share through exports has become increasingly important for the growth of the clothing, textiles, footwear and leather industry. Exporting firms are often able to counteract domestic production peaks and troughs with international demand profiles thereby smoothing production volumes throughout the year.

The KZN CTC  conducted a 2-part export training workshop that will focus on costing & pricing for exports and export compliance. Export costing and pricing and export compliance have been expressed as the two most complex topics regarding exports by members.

Workshop 1: Costing and pricing 28 January 2020

This workshop aims to equip exporters (emerging and advanced) with relevant information on export costing and pricing according to the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Commercial terms.

Workshop 2: Export Compliance 4 February 2020

The export compliance training aims to lay the foundation for how firms need to conduct themselves when trading with other countries and ensure that legal obligations with Customs and other government agencies are met.

Who should attend?

Exports, compliance and finance department

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