KZN CTC Innovation Session: Eddels Shoes

14 November 2019

The KZN Clothing & Textile Cluster through it’s Competitiveness Improvement Programme (CIP) aims to create a group of globally competitive companies that will effectively maintain a sustainable business environment.

An environment with interventions focused on innovative plans that focus on people, process, product and market development.

To help support member firms, the KZN CTC hosts Innovation Sessions to promote shared learning through a more action orientated learning approach. The KZN CTC hosted an Innovation Session at Eddels Shoes with a focus on Total Quality Management (TQM). The results of implementing TQM were also covered.


Eddels is a shoe manufacturer that has been providing South African consumers with quality footwear for over one hundred years. The Company is famous for inhouse brands such as John Drake, QC, Riccardo, Aeroflex and Freedom.

The programme covered:


Introduction to Eddels Shoes


Eddels TQM


Factory tour

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