Executive Training Session: AGOA & The South African Clothing and Textiles Industry

20 July 2016

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) provides duty-free access to the USA market for a wide range of products exported from South Africa. AGOA aims to promote a free-market system and expand USA-African trade and investment.

The KZNCTC hosted an Executive Training Session intended to help member firms enhance their understanding of AGOA, specifically how it relates to the Clothing and Textiles Industry. The session consisted of a presentation from Penny Ndlela, a consultant on the USAID-financed Management support and Technical Analysis Services (MSTAS) project and the brand ambassador for Source Africa 2015. The focus of the session was on the following areas:


AGOA Overview


Key Features of AGOA and its impact


South African context


Opportunities for South African Manufacturers

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