June 2018

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The main article focuses on four possible scenarios for SA’s next decade, analyzing current growth, investment, employment, education and policy trends, and their potential implications for manufacturers.
We also review the Operational Performance Management System (OPMS) launch and some recent industry news.


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KZN CTC 2017 retailer report

August 2017

Each year, the KZN CTC conducts an analysis of the performance and strategic direction of South African fashion retailers and their international counterparts. The feature article in this newsletter is a summary of this analysis.


Industrial symbiosis and the CTFL industry

March 2017

The article in this bulletin looks at the harmful impact the CTFL industry has on the environment and the opportunities that exist to reduce this by focusing on reducing waste. Some examples of South Africa and foreign initiatives to reduce raw material waste are highlighted.


State of the local and global clothing and textiles industry

December 2016

This article is structured to take a look to international, local and firm-level trends to understand the performance of the clothing and textiles industry in totality.


Management Control Systems

April-June 2016

During 2015, Dyefin Textiles implemented a Management Control System (MCS). It is used to track the performance of all divisions against capacity on a daily basis, with divisional supervisors meeting regularly to discuss variances and major improvement requirements. The KZN CTC and Dyefin hosted an innovation session to inform cluster members about the design and implementation of the MCS, including a tour of the Dyefin factory to observe the MSC in practice.


Quick response insights from a Turkish expert: the role of retailers, design houses, mills & CMT firms

January-March 2016

During February 2016, the KZN CTC hosted Arzu Ensari, former Head of Sourcing for George in Turkey. Arzu presented a series of workshops on the responsibilities of different value chain actors in implementing QR including: retailers, design houses, textile mills and CMTs.


KZN CTC QR export viability study: mapping viable export logistics chains

September-December 2015

Despite the current challenges faced by the South African based Clothing, Textile, Footwear and Leather (CTFL) industry, KZN CTC members are slowly reclaiming domestic market space.


Insight into African clothing and textile markets

July-August 2015

Africa is booming. Indeed, over the past decade, it has been among the fastest-growing regions globally. As a result, the continent offers new opportunities for investment and sales. This newsletter examines the growth and market potential of selected African economies, with a focus on clothing and textile opportunities.


KZN CTC rolls up its sleeves for improved competitiveness, 2014 state of the industry data reveals

April-June 2015

The outlook for the local industry is increasingly positive, as benchmarking data shows significant improvements in sales performance, employment and operational data in 2014. The findings presented below bode well for KZN CTC members’ continuing positive trajectory.


Quick response handbook launched

January-March 2015

The Cape and KwaZulu-Natal Clothing and Textiles Clusters have worked extensively on the further development of the Quick Response (QR) retailing, and associated supply chain management and manufacturing model culminating in a publication “The Quick and the Dead: A Guide to Quick Response CTFL Retailing in South Africa”. It is available for all cluster members and sessions to guide firms through its use will be scheduled in the next few weeks.

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