Recent activities

WCM Innovation session - Dyefin process improvement project

5 October 2017

Dyefin Textiles recently conducted a project to address a number of issues in the Fabric Receiving and Preparation areas of their factory. The project had two key objectives:

  • to train an internal team from on the process and methodology of process improvement
  • to improve process efficiency in terms of workflow, throughput and cost

This innovation session provided an opportunity to understand the methodology used and to observe the benefits derived from this project.

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WCM Innovation Session: overview of lean initiatives implemented at Durban Overall

5 September 2017

Durban Overall has been involved in several Lean Improvement initiatives, which have seen the factory make substantial improvements in various areas. This innovation session showcased how the firm has identified and implemented these initiatives.

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Preproduction training: pattern development

12-13 July | 19-20 July 2017

The four-day pattern making course was aimed at upskilling employees involved in the pattern development component of preproduction in the clothing and textile value chain and exposing them to new technologies in product development.

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Preproduction training: compiling tech packs

28-29 June 2017

The two-day tech pack course was aimed at employees in the clothing and textile value chain involved in the compilation of tech packs. During the course employees were trained on preparing tech packs to ensure that costings are accurate, customer specifications are met and production targets are achieved.

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Preproduction training: basic fabric understanding

14-15 June | 21-22 June 2017

This four-day “basic fabric understanding” course was aimed at employees in the clothing and textile value chain. During the course, trainees were introduced to the basics of fabric types, finishes and applications.

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Executive engagement session

9 May 2017

Dr Justin Barnes presented his four day plus four day (4+4 day) operating model, developed in conjunction with leading clothing and footwear manufacturers.

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19 April 2017

The AGM was utilised to inform members of the 2016 activities completed by the KZN CTC as well as the strategic focus and planned activities for 2017. A variety of stakeholders from the clothing, textiles, footwear and leather (CTFL) industry attended.

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CMT tour 2017

29 March 2017

This activity, aimed at sourcing executives, was a tour of the top three performing cut, make and trim (CMT) manufacturers from the 2016 Boost Programme.

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KZN CTC 2017 Planning Workshop

8 February 2017

The KZN CTC hosted a planning workshop for member firm executives. The purpose of the workshop was to design high impact programmes for 2017.

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WCM Innovations Session: implementing Total Quality Management

13 October 2016

Total quality management is a management system for a customer-focused organization that involves all employees in continual improvement. It uses strategy, data, and effective communications to integrate the quality discipline into the culture and activities of the organisation.

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WCM Innovation Session: Optimising Line Layout using TAKT Time

17 August 2016

TAKT time is a methodology used to optimise the flow of production lines according to customer demand. Members joined us for a tour of the Sentinel workwear plant followed by an introduction to the concept of TAKT.

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Executive Training Session: AGOA & The South African Clothing and Textiles Industry

20 July 2016

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) provides duty-free access to the USA market for a wide range of products exported from South Africa. AGOA aims to promote a free-market system and expand USA-African trade and investment.

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Excel Clothing: TAKT Flow line layout

13 June 2016

The KZNCTC hosted an innovation session focused on TAKT Time at Excel Clothing. TAKT time is a methodology used to optimise the flow of production lines in keeping with customer demand. Presented by Jan Visagie, a lean expert, the session was intended to assist firms in reviewing their own line layout.

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Sixth Retailer, Clothing and Textiles Imbizo

25-26 May 2016

The 2016 Imbizo will bring together major South African retailers and clothing and textile manufacturers.

During the event we will discuss the status of the value chain, major development requirements and roles and responsibilities in achieving these requirements.

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Dyefin Textiles: Management Control Systems

19 April 2016

During 2015, Dyefin Textiles implemented a Management Control System (MCS). It is used to track the perfomance of all divisions against capacity on a daily basis, with divisional supervisors meeting regularly to discuss variances and major improvement requirements.

The KZNCTC and Dyefin hosted an innovation session to inform cluster members about the design and implementation of the MCS, including a tour of the Dyefin factory to observe the MCS in practice.

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CMT Tour to most improved CMT

8 March 2016

The KZN CTC hosted a tour of the top 3 CMTS’ that particiapted in the 2015 CMT BOOST Programme. The primary focus of this tour was to show member firms the significant lean improvements these CMTS had made.

The firms which were visited:

  • Aspire Fashions
  • Verulam CMT
  • Windor Trade
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The Practical Implementation of Quick Response presented by a Turkish National Arzu Ensari

22 February 2016

On 22 February 2016 the KZN CTC hosted Arzu Ensari. She is the former senior regional sourcing director of George at ASDA.

Arzu presented a series of workshops on the responsibilities of different value chain actors in implementing QR. Arzu has also merchandised for ESPRIT, Liz Clairborne and NIKE during her career.

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