Boost SME


The Boost small and medium sized enterprise (SME) programme was developed to boost SMEs’ competitiveness and profitability. Due to the size, structure and capacity of many KZN based SMEs, owners often struggle to attend corporate events. As a result, SMEs receive direct strategic and consulting support through this programme.

Benchmarking and priority setting

Support commences with an upfront analysis of firms proposed from within the KZN CTC member base. This analysis highlights specific improvement requirements. SMEs also agree to the achievement of measurable change.

Training and factory visits

Boost SMEs participate in all KZN CTC workshops and training activities. Through these activities SMEs are exposed to examples of the practical applications of good business practices with an emphasis on lean business concepts.

Direct support

Five days of direct support is provided to each participating SME by an experienced lean consultant working directly at the firms. The intention is to facilitate the sustainable implementation of agreed activities and the achievement of deliverables within a relatively short time span.

Market access

Once the support has been completed and key objectives met, the KZN CTC arranges a tour by retailers and major customers to the most improved SMEs. These companies are able to showcase their capabilities with a view of securing new business. They also receive a year’s free membership of the KZN CTC.